Continente Berlenga

Documentary directed by Emanuele Chianella and Wallace Miquelin, filmed in the Berlenga's Island (Portugal)

About This Project

Trailer Continente Berlenga from Wallace Miquelin on Vimeo.


“About 180 millions year ago the Pangea continent separated into pieces creating small and bigger blocks of lands called Panthalassa, defined into infinite geological landscapes.

One of them, the Archipelago of Berlengas, located at 15 km from the coast of Portugal, represent a clear example and an interesting case study of the difficulties in finding the balance between conservation and development.

The island sighted on the horizon, with its imposing lighthouse, is like a gift to all living beings that populates it.

Today, more than ever before, we are looking for a balance, between development and the preservation of this unique habitat.

This documentary is passing through the voices and the eyes of the people that lives there and those who visit the island.”


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